Handsewn Navajo Man Large figure of Navajo man sewn from several fabrics on burlap background with red border. All hand-sewn and mounted on foam core board for display. $85 DLR271- K473

Wood Pig Figure Great looking, colorfully painted carved wood pig measuring about 8 ¼ inches long  and 5 ½ inches tall. $68  DLR271-K466

Brannam Pottery Figural Pitcher Nineteenth century English Barum Brannam figural jug with fish spout in attractive blue/green glaze. Stands about 7 inches tall and marked on bottom with Brannam name, artist mark, and 1896 date. $175 DLR271-K339

Tall Austria Amphora Vase.
A 15-inch- tall Austria Amphora vase with crossed straps at the top and reticulated attachments
on the sides. In excellent condition with impressed crown and oval marks on the base, c1905-1910.

$225 DLR 271-9113

A Mason’s gravy boat and underplate in their “Regency” pattern circa 1930s. The gravy is 8 inches from handle to spout and the underplate measures 9 ¼ " X 11 ". Great condition. 

$52 pair   Dealer 271-Item K537

Asian Dolls A pair of Asian dolls 5 ½ and 6 inches tall and a small Asian bisque baby doll about 3 ¾ inches. Baby sold separately from pair.

$55/pair, $18/bisque baby                     

DLR 271-K449,K468

Czech Mrazek Teapot Hand painted Czechoslovakian teapot by Mrazek Peasant Art Industries in their Bluebird pattern.  Marked on the base with stamped circular mark.  In great condition standing about seven inches to the finial.  Dates to the 1920s.   $110      DLR 271-K376

Cermaic Story Teller w/children.

Signed R. Blackhorse


$135.00  Dlr #271-K596

Pierrefonds French Art Pottery Vase. Nice 10-inch- tall Pierrefonds vase in green over yellow glaze with cutouts. Circa 1920s.     $165    DLR 271-K383

Taxco R.G.C. Figural Ashtray. A mixed metal figural cone shaped ashtray standing seven inches tall.  When a lighted cigar or cigarette is set on the tray, the smoke escapes through the hole at the top of the cone. Impressed marks on the base “Hecho En Mexico” and “R.G.C.”  In very good used condition, dates to the 1950s.            $85              DLR 271-K332

Longwy Egyptian Vase
Longwy France Primavera Egyptian motif Art Deco vase measuring 4 ¾ inches tall and 4 ½ inches diameter. Well marked, dates to 1920s.

$225 DLR271-K583

Amphora Enameled Bird Vase.  A 12 inches inches tall Amphora, Austria enamel decorated ceramic vase depicting two birds facing each other surrounded by stylized enameled flowers.  Very well done! Circa 1905.
$265                                                                DLR271-AT317

Longwy Pottery Three Longwy, France items including a 6 3/4 " tall ceramic cloisonné vase    and two four inch diameter octagonal shallow dishes with an enameled Art Deco style bird scene in the center.  Each item dates    to the 1920s/1930s 
Vase $110, Trays $30 each 

DLR 271 K325-K327

Western Theme Sterling Souvenir Spoons. Sterling silver souvenir teaspoons with western themes including bucking broncos, miners, mules and Native Americans.  Most from Colorado, all date to circa 1905 with maker’s mark. 
$19 each                                                            DLR 271-K352-357

Invalid Feeders and Medicine Measures
Pre-WWII ceramic invalid feeders and medicine spoons and measures. Also, unusually designed large silverplate medicine spoons with unusual designs including attached rubber bulb and feeding tube. More than a dozen to choose from. 

$14 to $24 each.  DLR 271


Please be sure to call the store for availability of any of the items currently posted on our site. 

Rookwood Pottery Ship
An ivory colored pottery sailing ship paperweight by Rookwood measuring 4 inches tall, 3 ½ inches long, and 2 ¼ inches wide. Marked on the base with the date code for 1927 and the number 2792. Excellent condition.

$130 DLR271-K584

Rookwood Pottery Tile.  A matte green glazed Rookwood architectural tile in the Arts and Crafts style.  The tile is substantial at 6 inches square and 1 1/8 inches thick. It is marked on the back with an impressed “Rookwood Faience” followed by a number. The tile is used and shows wear around.                     

$75                                        DLR 271-K329

Warwicks Collectibles owners, Ed and Connie Dobbins, have been selling art pottery, glass, primitives, Native American, and local historical antiques since 1993.           

They update their stock regularly so be sure to visit showcase #271 often.
Now in a new larger showcase on the right-hand aisle, third from front door!

Mirror Beveled glass hand mirror with brass inlay and interesting faux wood texture. About 8 ¾ inches long and 5 ¼ inches wide at maximum. $60 DLR 271-K468

Warwicks Collectibles

Wah Ming Chang Bronze Ashtray. A five-inch square “Bronze Design of California, Designed by Wah Ming Chang” metal ashtray with an engraved outline of a horse in the center.  Chang worked in Hollywood for many years as a prop designer and is best known for his work on the original Star Trek series where he is credited with designing the phaser, tricorder, Tribbles and other iconic props.  Ashtray is well marked on the base and in great condition with light wear and patina.                      $85                                              DLR271-K331

Silas Claw Navajo Pottery Easter Vase

Navajo art pottery wedding vase by Silas and Bertha Claw standing about 7 ½ inches tall. Applied relief figures of two rabbits and clusters of brightly painted eggs in flowering plants suggesting an Easter theme. Signed ‘S.B.Claw’. Excellent condition.

$95 DLR271-K586

Hand Painted 1930s Poole Pottery Vases. Three Poole Pottery vases hand painted in Art Deco style flower motifs made in England dating to the 1930s.  The vases are hand thrown red earthenware with a white slip and clear glaze. Heights are 5 ¾” and 6 ¾”.  
$110 each                                                    DLR- K306-08

Navajo clay pipe
A clay pipe about 5 1/2 inches long with the head of a buffalo in relief on the bowl. Made by Navajo artist Silas Claw and signed on the bottom of the bowl, circa 1980s. Excellent condition. 

$95 DLR271-K433


Carved Wood Horse Plaque Large flat carved wood cut-out figure of horse wall decoration. Measures 21 inches long and 13 inches tall. Nicely done. $40 DLR271-K471

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Fine antiques and collectibles

Frederick Rhead Avon Faience Handled Vase
Beautiful 5 ¼ inch tall handled vase with tube line designs by or in    the style of Frederick H. Rhead.  Marked with Avon Faience and dates to circa 1902-1904 when Rhead worked at this southern Ohio pottery.  $145.00      DLR #271-K340


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Waiter Corkscrew. A clever eight-inch tall figure of a waiter with a corkscrew attached to the underside of the removeable head/shoulders.          This nicely painted and molded SyrocoWood figure dates to the 1930s.               $95          DLR271-K315

Avon Faience Creamer. A scarce example of Avon Faience, Tiltonsville, Ohio pottery.  This creamer is two and three quarter inches tall with a tube lined decoration attributable to Frederich H. Rhead circa 1902-1905.  Marked on the base.                 $65                   DL271-K256